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Used Vibratory Feeders

There are many reasons why manufacturers elect to purchase and modify used vibratory feeder equipment, which is why FCI Vibratory Feeders, Inc. maintains an inventory of excellent-condition feeders of all types acquired during production line updates. While researching options for your part feeder needs, it may be worth your while to investigate how you might spare some expense by utilizing a used vibratory feeder, or some of its components. We make it easy to do with our online Quote Request form. Simply enter the basic information regarding your needs, and indicate that you would also be interested in receiving a quote which includes costs for used equipment. We may be able to provide prices for entire used feeding systems, or those integrating both new and used components.

Used vibratory feeder equipment offered by FCI Vibratory Feeders, Inc. has been either briefly or infrequently used, and may require little more adaptation than a change of bowl coatings and some simple retooling. The savings could be significant, and the waiting period before installation could be much shorter. Upon obtaining your quote for used feeder equipment, please feel free to request an opportunity for online video viewing of the unmodified used feeder. We understand that the need to inspect used equipment often makes this option unrealistic; therefore, we offer this convenient method of avoiding in-person visits to our facility.

As you might expect, many of our customers are from the same fields of manufacturing, and tend utilize similar part sorting equipment in their flexible production lines. In cases where they have modified or upgraded their systems, we replace their feeders as requested and retain the desirable components, sometimes in their entirety. This resulting collection of almost standardized used bowl, escapement and tooling designs permits us the liberty of speedy development and rapid construction phases of new vibratory feeder systems. For instance, certain components for cap feeders are quickly available in an almost “off the shelf” manner, and may require only moderate tooling adjustments. Needing some simple additions to your current vibratory feeder system, inquire about some of the standard used accessories we can custom-modify for you, such as part pre-sorters, hoppers, sound enclosures, conveyors, spring detanglers, escapement and placement mechanisms.

With our resourceful and experienced design team, the sky is the limit when it comes to integrating used part feeder components into new or modified systems. Aware of our focus on quality and reliability, our customers feel secure in knowing that only superior used vibratory feeder equipment is utilized. Products manufactured and modified by FCI Vibratory Feeders, Inc. will not be sold unless we are convinced they have met our standards and we feel confident you will be satisfied with their performance and durability. Not unlike our newly manufactured systems, the vibratory feeders which include used equipment are rigorously tested upon completion, and video footage of its operation is available online when requested. By eliminating the need for a potentially costly onsite final inspection, the availability of this video documentation is one more way we try to accommodate the cost considerations of our customers.

Submit an online quote request for your used vibratory feeder project.

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