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Designing and installing a new production line? Wondering if a vibratory feeder will need to be replaced? Will service on, or refurbishment of vibratory feeders be an option? Can an existing vibratory feeder bowl be modified for various future applications? What about retooling and retrofitting in old and new production lines? Wanting modular updates? These are situations that our engineers and technicians address every day. Our customers rely on us because they know we focus on finding solutions to their current needs, and we design with future changes in mind. It’s, our job – we like it and so will you!.

Whether you require certain components, such as vibratory bowls, or entire vibratory feeder systems, FCI Vibratory Feeders, Inc. is the company to consult first. As our name implies, we specialize in the design, construction and service of small-, and medium-sized parts feeding equipment. Our guaranteed same-day quotes can be your early introduction into our proficiency within this realm of industrial automation. Please feel free to experience the ease in which the process of working with our specialists has become. Having long-ago instituted the method of online quote requesting, we have become expert at simplifying the initial phases of vibratory feeder system research. Simply fill out our Quote Request form to obtain the specific information you are seeking.

As you might expect, many of our customers are from the same fields of manufacturing, and tend to have similar vibratory feeder parts and items that integrate into their flexible production lines. Over the years, we have drafted a multitude of orienting feeder and vibratory hopper designs based on similar key principles. This collection of almost standardized bowl, escapement and tooling designs permits us the liberty of speedy development and rapid construction phases. In addition, a number of basic feeder components are kept in stock for our clients’ production line modifications or expansions. For instance, certain components for cap feeders are quickly available in an almost “off the shelf” manner, and may require only moderate tooling adjustments. Needing some simple additions to your current vibratory feeder system, inquire about some of the standard accessories we can custom-modify for you, such as part pre-sorters, hoppers, sound enclosures, conveyors, spring detanglers, escapement and placement mechanisms.

Flexibility is the primary focus of our operation. FCI Vibratory Feeders, Inc. understands that each feeder system is unique and will have its own requirements for part feed rates, orientation, bowl composition, modular adaptability, controllers, accessories, et cetera. Therefore, we are prepared to proceed according to the direction of your engineers’ specifications concerning service, retrofitting, re-tooling, equipment replacement or refurbishment. Most significantly, we are not limited to working on our own products in these matters; we find that equipment from other manufacturers is frequently involved. It is this demonstrated versatility that leads more and more customers to consult us first to address their vibratory feeding system needs. Not only do we assist in the building of new industrial automation systems, but we increase the longevity and performance of already established production lines.

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